Homework in third grade should take approximately 30 minutes.  If it takes longer, please write a note on your child's homework and let me know where they are struggling. 

For each missed homework, students will be given a homework alert.  I usually do not assign homework on the weekends, unless absolutely necessary. 

Homework that is completed correctly earns a ticket.  Ten tickets result in a trip to the prize box.  This is to push students to ask for help if they have trouble on questions.  Please do not do the homework for them! 

Daily Homework

Language Arts: Every Friday will be a test on the story of the week.   We will also take a "weekly reading test" which is on a new story that your child will read for the first time.  For this test- it is important to review the vocabulary of the week and the reading skill (these can be found on the back of the newsletter).    

Spelling: Practice spelling your words each night.  Tests will be on Fridays

Math: Each night there will be a page assigned from the  homework packet. 

Grammar, Writing, Science, and Social Studies will be randomly assigned.  

Make sure you check your child's agenda each night!   


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