Individual behavior reports will be sent home daily to be signed if necessary. 

In the classroom- students have baseballs on their desks.  Warnings will be given for misbehavior, after that, students will get strikes.  Five strikes- you're out.  *Yes, Mrs. Bolden knows that in real baseball, there's only THREE strikes, but she's being really nice to you.  Thing is- if you get five strikes- it's straight to the principal's office, or home communication, whichever is necessary.  


 Making up classwork is important when your child is absent.  I will be sending missed work home with another child.  Be sure to let me know who I can send homework home with.  You may also pick up missed work in the office.  Only necessary assignments will be sent home.  I understand that your child would not be home unless he/she was very ill.  Thank you for your cooperation! 

Book Orders 

Book orders will be sent home monthly.  Do not feel obligated to buy from them, though it does benefit our class.  The more books bought equal more points for books in our class library.  Remember to make one check for the entire order made payable to Scholastic.  Money is accepted also.  If you would like the books as a gift, let me know! 



Grading Scale 

AD 90-100%

PR 80-89%

BA 70-79%

BB 0-69% 


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